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This Service include:

✅ You’ll get selected CS 2 rating in premier mode;

✅ You’ll have Calibrated Matchmaking;

✅ You’ll have good win and Kill/Death rate;

🚀 Order will be carried by seasoned and professional booster manually. Guaranteed completion  without cheats, bugs, or hacks.

Premier Mode is a new game mode available in Counter Strike 2:

It is essentially an “alternative” ranking mode. It can be called Valve’s “official competitor” to third party matchmaking services such as FACEIT & ESEA, as most professional players use them to play the game instead of using the standard competitive mode.

This mode introduces its own ranking system called “CS Rating”. Instead of the usual group rankings, CS now uses visible MMRs. In addition, a global leaderboard is now available in-game, showing the top 1000 players worldwide or in their region.

Premier Mode also introduced a number of features to CS2 with the introduction of the card banning system and starting side selection. This allows both teams to alternate banning cards of their choice until one team selects the final card to play. At this point, the other team can choose which side they will start the game on.

Individual performances such as kills and deaths won’t have much effect on your Elo gain or loss, but more wins will help you compound your Elo gain. Winning and losing streaks will compound the amount of Elo you gain or lose with each match. However, the amount will vary depending on the rating you are in; the amount you gain will be much greater in lower ranks, and the amount you lose will increase significantly the higher you go in the Premier rating system.

CS premier rating boost – best service from

If you want to appear on the leaderboard. If you want to become the best player and top the leaderboards, is ready to help you! Prove yourself, prove that you are the right player to focus on in the game. Besides, a high rating is always a great way to show off. And with our Boost, you will be able to achieve this with ease!

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🕛 Timeline for completion: Counter Strike 2 Premier Rating Boost | CS 2 ELO up Service delivery time depends on rating amount selected. We are always trying to finish orders ASAP. To provide extra speed and top prio for your order please select extra options:

  • Express option: the service is guaranteed to start quickly, the order will be processed in high priority. Booster will work 20% more then with basic option ;
  • Rocket option: the service is guaranteed to start quickly, the order will be processed in TOP priority. Booster will work 35% more then with basic option;

To get the ETA of handling, we recommend contacting our support. To book a specific time we always recommend contacting our Manager to check the available booster. Quick response guaranteed during the normal working hours.

The exact timing of the results is possible mainly for “piloted” orders. For orders with the “Selfplayed(Duo)” option, the delivery time depends on many factors, including your involvement in the game. We are always trying to finish orders ASAP

Average service start time: usually we start within 10-30 min after order placed*.

*durning normal working hours (11am-01am CEST).

⚠️Minimum Requirements:
– CS2 account with selected current rating;
– Prime Status.

🔰 Here is what we guarantee:

  • Completion of every order by seasoned and professional players. We have more than five years of boosting experience;
  • Live contact for every order from our support team;
  • Most competitive prices on the marke;
  • Unique and personalized approach to every customer;
  • Full satisfaction or your money back;
  • Security and confidentiality of your personal information;
  • Manual completion of every order without cheats, bugs, or hacks. We act with absolute integrity to promote honest play in the gaming community;
  • Complete anonimity of all customers;
  • Availabilty of live stream for orders with piloted option (except for long-term orders) upon request;
  • Secure connection with the best VPN & Proxy Servers for piloted options.

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2) You have changed your mind
(The claim must be made at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the service);
3) The service was not provided on time
(Not that it will ever happen, but we have it here just in case).


Send your claim to [email protected] and In your claim provide:
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6) Reason for the refund.


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Counter Strike 2 Premier Rating Boost | CS 2 ELO up Service
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