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Diablo 4 Uber boss it’s great hight content

Uber Boss in Diablo 4 are special encounters with the potential for fantastic rewards. There are three types of major Bosses: Pinnacle Bosses, Summoned or Ladder Bosses, and World Bosses. The Pinnacle Boss is Echo of Lilith (also known as Uber Lilith) and is meant to be the most challenging Boss in the base game. Uber Lilith is accessed through a special Capstone Dungeon. Summoned Bosses are brought into the world by summoning them through special drops and are not tied to a timer; these have specific Unique loot tables and thus are great for target farming. World Bosses are on a rotating 3.5-hour timer and are available to anyone.

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Uber-bosses are the most powerful creatures in Sanctuary. Defeating them is an exciting and important aspect of improving your gameplay. Battles with them are designed for professional skills, reflexes and understanding of the game mechanics in general. This is what makes defeating them memorable and an integral part of the gameplay. And of course the opportunity to get great loot.

These battles require a combination of skill, strategy, and knowledge. In order to ensure victory, it is necessary to study the attack patterns and behavior of the bosses in order to counter them effectively. Understanding the timing and mechanics of each encounter is crucial to success, as it can be the cause of defeat. Glory and a sense of pride and accomplishment are not the only things that await you after killing an Uber boss. You can also expect some powerful loot, especially if you defeat the most powerful of them all, the Uber Duriel. These bosses have an exceptionally high chance of looting both uber uniques and regular bosses. Each boss has its own increased chance of looting a specific unique item. All Uber Bosses are available in World Tier 4 and some of them are available on World Tier 3 as well with less materials required.

Thanks to our boosters, you don’t have to waste time farming resources, searching for bosses, learning tactics, etc. Just relax, walk through the portal and get your long-awaited reward quickly and easily.

List of all Diablo 4 Uber Bosses

Uber Boss Required Materials
Andariel, Maiden of Anguish Normal:

  • 2x Sandscorched Shackles
  • 2x Pincushioned Doll


  • 6x Sandscorched Shackles
  • 6x Pincushioned Doll
  • 2x Stygian Stone
Duriel, King of Maggots Normal:

  • 2x Mucus-Slick Egg
  • 2x Shard of Agony


  • 6x Mucus-Slick Egg
  • 6x Shard of Agony
  • 2x Stygian Stone
Echo of Varshan Normal:

  • 1x Gurgling Head
  • 1x Blackened Femur
  • 1x Trembling Hand
  • 1x Malignant Heart (For Tier 4)


  • 3x Gurgling Head
  • 3x Blackened Femur
  • 3x Trembling Hand
  • 3x Malignant Heart
  • 2x Stygian Stone
Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint Normal:

  • 5x Living Steel


  • 15x Living Steel
  • 2x Stygian Stone
Lord Zir, The Dark Master Normal:

  • 9x Exquisite Blood


  • 27x Exquisite Blood
  • 2x Stygian Stone
Lilith Not need
The Beast in the Ice Normal:

  • 1x Glacial Fissure (250x Sigil Powder and 9x Distilled Fear)


  • 1x Glacial Fissure (Tier 96) (250x Sigil Powder, 27x Distilled Fear, and 2x Stygian Stone)

The Tormented versions of all the Uber Bosses are available on the 4th Season of Diablo 4. They can be summoned using more materials, including an additional material called the Stygian Stone. This stone can only be obtained by completing The Pit dungeon in Cerrigar.

World Bosses in Diablo 4

Players who have completed or skipped the Campaign will be notified when and where a World Boss spawns. Players who have not completed or skipped the Campaign can use our Diablo 4 World Boss Tracker to stay current on World Boss spawn times and locations. The first 3 World Bosses (Ashava, Avarice, and Wandering Death) appear every 3.5 hours at one of the following locations: Fractured Peaks; The Crucible Scosglen; Caer Adar Dry Steppes; Saraan Caldera Hawezar; Fields of Desecration Kehjistan; Seared Basin.

Every week, each world boss will drop a Grande Cache containing Legendary and Unique items. Avarice also has a breakable treasure chest that contains large amounts of gold and other items. Subsequent kills throughout the week will still drop loot, but you can only get one cache per world boss per week.