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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Dungeons are special instances that are generated for each group of players separately. They are inhabited by more powerful monsters and bosses. Often, you need to know special tactics and have high-level gear to deal with them. However, overcoming all obstacles is rewarded with valuable loot. High-level gear, recipes for professions, reagents for production and even mounts can be received for completing a dungeon and killing all enemies. And all rewards will open quickly and effortlessly with the WoW Shadowlands Dungeon boosting service. 

New Sl Dungeons

The Shadowlands expansion pack gives players access to eight new dungeons: 

  • The Necrotic Wake;
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe;
  • Plaguefall;
  • Halls of Atonement;
  • Sanguine Depths;
  • De Other Side;
  • Theater of Pain;
  • Spires of Ascension.

These are beautiful dungeons with their own plots and stories, which are exciting to run through. Furthermore, the game has many dungeons from previous updates that can be completed with the scaling system.

 Shadowlands dungeons can be run through at three levels of difficulties: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. As the difficulty increases, the quality of the loot available to the player (gear, recipes, quest items, mounts, reagents for crafting, etc.) improves. The developers aimed to make the dungeons challenging for running through and added hidden traps, as well as additional mechanics for bosses. So it’s extremely difficult to complete a dungeon, especially a high-level one, without using the Guide. And, after all, defeating the bosses of the dungeon requires knowing the tactics, as well as having high-quality gear and finding a good team. Often the best running through is wasted by a team that dies out of the blue.

 The best solution to avoid additional problems associated with finding a team and learning the guides is to buy boosting on our website. The purchase guarantees fast and efficient completion of any dungeon, even the Mythic level one. During the run, WoW Shadowlands Dungeon carries take into account the player’s wishes and guarantee a high-level reward. No one will leave the team, the healer will not forget to heal, and the tank will not leave to feed the cat during the important phase of fighting with the boss. High mythic+ keys carry? No problem with us! We running to m+ dungeons everyday, you can order weekly +10 or +15 mythic boost or any other key level right now. Regardless of the purpose of visiting the dungeon, boosting saves precious time, prevents worries and provides a guaranteed result.